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Senior security consultant @ EY FSO Belgium. I have a profound interest in all things related to cyber security. The last couple of years I have gathered in-depth experience in reverse engineering, mobile and web security and pentesting. I am a frequent public speaker and have had speaking engagements at 15+ international conferences in the US and Europe. I have a strong passion for all things related to Android, mobile, applied cryptography and web security. I graduated cum laude from KU Leuven, Belgium as M. Sc. Computerscience with a specialization in secure development of software. Always open to interesting opportunities to exchange thoughts or ideas related to software security.




Conference Title Slides
xda:devcon 2015 Android Security Overview slides
DroidCon Greece 2015 Reverse Engineering in Android slides
Android BBQ Europe 2015 Reverse engineering Android applications: tools and countermeasures N/A
Mobile Tech Conference, Krakow, Poland 2016 Mobile application security, is it worth the risk? N/A
DroidCon London 2016 Android Application Security, The Right Way video
AndroidSummit Washington 2016 Securing Android Applications, The Right Way video
OWASP BeNeLux Days 2016 Securing Android Applications N/A
SecAppDev 2017 Practical Android Security video
Mobile Operating Systems Conference, Cluj-Napoca Romania Attacking Android Applications N/A
AndroidMakers Paris 2017 Attacking Android Applications video
Codemobile Chester, UK 2017 Attacking Android Applications N/A
360AnDev Denver 2017 Attacking Android Applications video
DroidCon Poland 2017 Attacking Android Applications N/A